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Cat and dog owners are becoming increasingly aware of the nutritional content of pet food; there is a growing trend towards high-end products that include ingredients that are 100% natural. They are also looking for products that are hypoallergenic, improve the well-being of their pets and both look and taste good.

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At GEA, we understand the need to manufacture products that deliver in terms of color, texture and flavor while also preventing bacterial contamination.

As a trusted provider of process technologies for pet food ingredients, GEA technology plays a vital role in the preparation of high-quality ingredients for pet food. Our microfiltration and ultrafiltration technologies ensure the efficient purification, fractionation and concentration of essential pet food components and flavorings from meat and plant extracts. When required, higher separation and concentration efficiencies can be achieved with our nanofiltration equipment. Furthermore, reverse osmosis and evaporation steps can be used to optimize dewatering procedures prior to spray drying purified ingredients.

When working high quality proteins and/or fats, for example, GEA’s centrifugation and separation technology has a long history of process optimization. FDA-approved and made with 1935/2004/EG-compliant components, our equipment is not only designed for easy cleaning, it’s also clean-in-place (CIP)-compatible. Made with product quality, performance and high yields in mind, GEA can supply everything from single centrifuges to complete process lines, including ready-to-connect skid installations including tanks, pumps, valves and control cabinets.

Often containing high concentrations of oils and hydrolyzed proteins, low temperature drying is required to achieve the specific flavor characteristics of pet food ingredients and flavors. To meet these requirements, GEA’s spray and FILTERMAT® dryers not only prevent product deterioration during processing and help to retain key organoleptic properties, they are manufactured to the same high standards as food plant, making them easy to clean and service. They can also be used to handle extruded or pelletized products.

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