Fresh Pasta

Experience excellence in Fresh Pasta production with GEA cutting-edge equipment and boost your pasta manufacturing process.

A long-time combined experience in pasta manufacturing allows GEA to be one of the leading suppliers of fresh pasta production equipment, providing machines for fresh pasta, frozen food and ready meals. Thanks to its team of engineers and technicians, GEA provides turnkey tailor-made solutions of complete fresh pasta lines to cover the entire process: from dough mixing to filling and sealing the final product.
Tailor made approach

Thanks to an integrated and highly specialized supply chain, GEA offers outstanding engineering services tailored to clients' requirements, combining technology, flexibility, and reliability under one roof. Our technological solutions are characterized by exceptionally creative and personalized projects. In today's food industry, excellence is measured not only by product taste but also by a company's ability to innovate and meet customers' continuous demand for new, more efficient, and profitable solutions.

fresh pasta tortellini single sheet

Single Sheet (tortellini, cappelletti, ravioli and special shapes)

Fresh pasta ravioli

Double Sheet (Squared and Multishape)

Fresh pasta tagliatelle


Fresh pasta gnocchi


Short cut fresh pasta

Short-cut pasta



Elevate your production with cutting-edge technologies

At GEA, we take care of every production phases, striving to transform each piece of machinery into an innovative technological solution that delivers outstanding results in terms of quality, energy efficiency, and production capacity. In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritize accessibility for cleaning, a fundamental consideration reflected in the design of our machines. Constructed from stainless steel for superior cleaning and durability, our machines are engineered to facilitate material flow, preventing stagnation. 


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Perfect dough creation

GEA's state-of-the-art mixing machines are equipped with a premixer, meticulously distributing water, eggs, flour, and semolina for superior dough quality. With minimized heating and mixing times of at least 12 minutes, our technology ensures the development of an optimal gluten matrix, enhancing pasta elasticity and overall quality.

For precise ingredient control, GEA's fresh pasta machines utilize advanced flowmeters, guaranteeing accuracy in dosing and weighing ingredients and fillings. Additionally, our compensating system, integrated across all forming machines, maintains consistent pressure throughout the forming phases, ensuring high-quality fillings with every batch.

Fresh pasta dough mixer
Pumps for every filling

Whether it is hard or soft, GEA pumps allow the management of every kind of filling, both for single and double sheet products. Our solutions maintain the quality of fillings, guaranteeing high forming speeds and avoiding product accumulation and production stops.

HE Technology

The HE acronym (High Efficiency) identifies thermal treatment machines specifically enhanced to reduce energy waste and footprint while improving the washing phase. High efficiency doesn't just mean energy saving; it also translates to time savings and increased productivity, impacting product quality and costs positively.

Meet Carl Mazzone - president of Mazzone pasta manufacturing company

Meet Carl Mazzone, president of Mazzone Pasta

Carl Mazzone is the president of Mazzone Pasta, a pasta manufacturing company in Bloomindale Illinois, a town located 25 miles west of the city of Chicago. The company features a 5500 m² manufacturing facility equipped with two complete GEA lines for fresh pasta. Thanks to them, it produces a wide variety of products, such as: cappelletti, ravioli, tortellini, short-cut pasta, lasagna, fettucine, tagliatelle and cannelloni. All these products can be either cooked and frozen or packaged as prepared meals with the addition of different sauces.

Ask the GEA Expert

At GEA, we're dedicated to advancing fresh pasta projects.

We specialize in customizing production processes, analyzing ingredients, creating new pasta types, and conducting product testing. Contact our team at GEA to boost your fresh pasta production.

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Meet Carl Mazzone, president of Mazzone Pasta

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