A vast range of pies, tarts, quiches and cheesecakes are found in diverse cuisines around the world. GEA offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art, customizable technologies and equipment for producing just about any shape or size of pie shell, filled and lidded products, quiches and biscuit-base cheesecakes. Whether you are producing bite-sized fruit tartlets or family-sized pies, GEA technology guarantees flexible, efficient and reliable processing for high quality products.

GEA can tailor complete turnkey solutions, processing lines or individual technologies for any pie, tart or quiche recipe, and for every production scale. From placing foils on platens, to depositing dough, blocking and filling shells, and molding and crimping customized lids or lattices, our technologies gently handle and turn out flawless products. GEA also offers denesters for foil containers, product depanners, cooling towers, freezers and packaging lines to complete the  automation of your production lines and turnkey plants.

Pie shells

Accurate dough depositing and precise, even blocking are key to producing perfectly shaped and textured pie shells and tart bases.

Filled pies

Configurable technologies for accurately filling pies and tarts reduce waste, improve efficiency and help to ensure that your final products look as good as they taste.

Lattice Pies

Customized lattices can give any sweet or savory pie or tart an individual look to make them stand out from the crowd.

Lidded pies

Pie lids provide individuality to products and protect the filling. Accurate, reproducible molding and crimping finishes the look, and ensures that every product is of the highest quality.

GEA has installed hundreds of pie systems worldwide. Our versatile machines can form products on baking trays or on platens with foils. From compact processing units to high capacity, industrial-scale systems for pies, tarts and quiches, GEA technologies can be configured to every processing requirement and recipe. Whether your production line is processing pie shells for freezing, or making baked and filled lidded pies and quiches, our state-of-the-art technologies will ensure your production line is robust and reliable, efficient, sustainable, user friendly and versatile. With GEA engineering you turn out perfect products, every time.

Volumetric extruders from GEA ensure that the exact weight of dough is portioned out, and our blocking units guarantee precision stamping so that every pie shell has a uniform thickness and perfect shape, whether round, square, heart or star-shaped. Our volumetric depositor for biscuit crumbs makes it easy to produce uniform cheesecake bases, while volumetric piston depositors for creams or jams can be integrated into your line, along with our rotary moulder, to add custom lattices and lids to pies and tarts.

GEA ovens feature modulating burners that deliver only the exact amount of heat required by the product, to ensure uniform color and moisture content. The most efficient insulation systems and optional heat recovery capabilities reduce energy usage, while recipe storage systems speeds switching between products.

GEA doesn't just offer machines and technologies. At our Bakery Experience Centres (BEC) in Italy, GEA food technologists and process experts work with customers to optimize new and existing recipes and processes. We can trial innovative bakery concepts on a wide range of our processing technologies and systems, to help customers develop new product ranges, including hard-to-handle and free-from ranges for special dietary requirements.


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