Layer Cakes

Layer cakes offer the ultimate in indulgence for birthdays and special occasions, or just to enjoy as a special treat. From Black Forest gateaux to cream-filled carrot cake, all layer cakes are made by alternating sponge cake with syrup and creamy fillings, jams or icings, and topping each creation with decorations including whipped cream stars, chocolate coating or sprinkled nuts, chocolates or coconut.

Producing perfectly tiered layers relies on the most accurate depositors and gentle sponge handling, combined with optimized automation to speed throughput, and minimize waste. GEA can configure highly automated and flexible layer cake lines that allow our customers to process different types of fresh and frozen cakes every day. Our technologies ensure evenly textured sponge, precisely dosed fillings and just the right amount of toppings.

Round Layer Cakes

Whether large or small, multi-layered or with just two layers, round layer cakes come in every color, texture and taste, from birthday cakes and wedding cakes, to simple sponges for a weekend treat.

Accurate depositing of batters, fillings and toppings, and gentle handling ensures perfectly layered products and minimal waste.

Sheet Layer Cakes

Sponge layers are baked in large rectangular tray and sandwiched together with one or more imaginative fillings, and finished with toppings and decorations.

Easy to cut into individually sized portions, sheet layer cakes are ideal for packaging into slices that can be enjoyed as a treat anywhere during the day or evening.

Versatile solutions for diverse requirements

The GEA layer cakes production lines, make it possible to handle layer cakes composed of different recipes, different shapes and sizes due to their fully modular composition, allowing them to adapt to any requirements from customers.

The process begins with the positioning and distribution of the trays through the GEA denesters, which, depending on requirements, can be made of different materials and on which the first layer of sponge cake will then be deposited. The utmost precision on the part of GEA technologies, ensures gentle movement of the bases, preventing breakage and allowing for a smooth and smooth process.

DSM denester detail
Precision ensured

The central stages of the layered cake production process, lies precisely in depositing the ingredients that will then go on to make up the layers themselves; at this stage the utmost precision is required especially in terms of dosage, to avoid waste and obtain layers perfectly balanced to each other.

GEA depositors, from this point of view, offer the utmost precision, together with a high standard of hygiene and an overall reduction in energy used, at the same time guaranteeing flexibility with respect to the different types of creams that can be deposited.

layer cakes depositors

Expert support

GEA Bakery Experience Center (BEC)

At the GEA Bakery Experience Centers (BEC) in Italy, our process and food technology experts work with customers to test and optimize existing and new recipes and production processes. A wide range of processing equipment and systems is available, including mixers, depositors, filling machines, pizza topping machines, ovens and packaging equipment. The BEC also test all machines that leave the factory, prior to delivery to our customers.

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