GEA at Anuga FoodTec 2024

RE:Think Food Tech.

Meet us in Hall 5.1 / Booth C010 D029

RE:THINK FOOD TECH – GEA at Anuga FoodTec 2024

Meat, Poultry, Fish & Vegetarian Food

With award winning production methods and dependable systems for transporting and storing food, whether it's from farm to fork or sea to plate, we stand as your ideal partner for production and packaging needs. Visit us at AnugaFood Tec for performance-focused solutions.


Processing & Packaging solutions

GEA MaxiFormer

GEA MaxiFormer and MaxiClean drum forming

Food manufacturers seek consistent quality, maximum uptime and efficient use of resources to keep the cost of production under control. GEA MaxiFormer's future proof drum forming technology offers maximum value at the minimum...

GEA ProFry | Industrial fryer

GEA ProFry frying solution

Discover the latest in frying technology from GEA. GEA ProFry is a resource-efficient frying solution to boost profitability and process control for now and the future. Equipped with SmartControl HMI and in-line oil quality measurement,...

GEA's inline smoked bacon processing solution

GEA continuous smoked bacon process

Keep energy costs under control and labor demand low while meeting consumer demand for tasty high quality products. We are taking the “batch” out of bacon production with a new continuous process that increases capacity while...

GEA SmartPacker CX400

GEA Smart Sealing System

Unlock the potential of the GEA Smart Sealing System tailored for the frozen food market, showcasing recyclable coated aluminum strips. Experience optimized productivity and a significant reduction in both food and material wastage....

GEA PowerPak 460X

GEA PowerPak

GEA's unique production process involves the precise mixing and dosing of hot plant-based cheese into a PowerPak thermoformer. Next, the cheese logs are fed into a fully automated GEA slicing, loading and packaging line. Experience...

Heating & Refrigeration 

GEA heat pumps

GEA Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a significant driver in the reduction of operating costs CO2 emissions, especially now that the electricity grid is being increasingly decarbonized through more use of green energy.

GEA Grasso 2-stage screw compressor units in the refrigeration plant room of Wipasz

Integrated heating & cooling solutions

GEA experts can integrate sustainable cooling & heating solutions with the whole production process in the best possible way, resulting in lower energy consumption, minimized operating costs, and reduced carbon footprint.

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