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We are the newly formed network organization at GEA dedicated to digital innovation for the digital customer journey. Our goal is to further enhance GEA machines and systems with state-of-the-art digital solutions for the benefit of our customers.

GEA Digital

Meet our people

“What we have here at GEA Digital is the driving spirit of a startup that’s all about delivering on innovation.”

Digitalization represents a huge opportunity to take GEA solutions and production processes to the next level of productivity, availability and sustainability. We are here to take full advantage of this opportunity – by driving digital innovation across all GEA divisions according to a single digital strategy. If there is one word to describe our approach, it’s collaboration. We are our network – and succeed only through close collaboration across our many locations and areas of expertise.

How we're structured

There are two core elements of GEA Digital: the digital hub, located at GEA headquarters in Düsseldorf, and five digital units housed in each of our GEA divisions across Western Europe. These form the core of our powerful network dedicated to collaboration, leveraging synergies and powering digital innovation with maximum speed and effectiveness. Complementing this core GEA Digital network is an extended matrix of companies, universities, start-ups, suppliers and customers to help ensure targeted, cutting-edge solutions.

How we work

We are a team of highly motivated people with “T-shape” profiles – deep expertise in at least one field plus broad digital knowhow. We work with purpose – driven by the belief that digitalization can help build a better world. We work customer-centric and solution-oriented – and go the extra mile. We are part of an expansive GEA Digital network with a diverse global footprint.

We live New Work! We’re all about speedy communication and flat hierarchies. We offer connected collaboration spaces (Campus Offices, best coffee!) with the option of remote work. We choose agile methods (Lean Startup, OKR, Design Thinking, Scrum). We live by the Agile Manifesto and the Fast Go to Market (MVP). We celebrate failing fast and failing forward!

The digital hub

Our digital hub is the backbone of GEA Digital; its primary goal is to industrialize digital platforms in development and operations and deliver services for all divisions. This is where we leverage synergies across our diverse businesses and develop the solutions that should only be developed once across GEA. These focus on four main areas:


Developing secure, standardized, and scalable connections from edge to cloud.

Data Science

Developing secure, standardized, and scalable pipelines to serve digital products with data.

Portal/APP Factory

Implementation of a unified customer interface including APPs.

Business Transformation

Enablement of new digital business models and customer centric development of GEA wide APP concepts.

Powering our hub is a highly diverse, crack team of software, data, cloud and UX/UI specialists together with agile coaches and other experts tasked with developing and delivering powerful, standardized solutions/services across a wide range of GEA industries and applications.

This core group works in close collaboration in our guilds within the digital units, providing them with the technologies, framework, guidance and coaching they need to develop, market and scale their digital innovations quickly – and serve their customers optimally.

We walk our talk. Every day, we test and live the agile working culture we aim to establish throughout the organization.

Team brainstorm

The digital units

Our digital units are tasked with developing division-specific digital products and software. They are the customer-facing component of GEA Digital, immersed in an ongoing collaboration with our businesses and their customers to develop solutions based on real customer needs.

Based in our divisions, the digital unit teams are constantly building, testing, and shaping new concepts and prototypes. They work closely with our business experts, combining their deep knowledge of our machines with new digital solutions to take GEA products and solutions to the next level.

In line with our digital strategy, we have prioritized several lighthouse projects in each of the divisions – projects with the greatest potential for marketability, scalability and value-add for customers. The digital units actively drive these projects with dedicated agile teams backed by resources from the digital hub.

A new home for new work

A new home for new work

GEA Digital launches the first of several new work spaces dedicated to digital innovation and collaboration across GEA.

Lighthouse project DairyNet

Digital unit in focus

Chapter IIoT

Digital hub in focus

Condition monitoring

Lighthouse project condition monitoring

Digital unit in focus

Meet our people

A new home for new work

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"GEA Digital" stands for the development of digital solutions combined with the establishment of new business models as well as the digitalization of the GEA customer experience.


GEA offers products and services for processors and producers across all major industry applications. As engineers and innovators, we’re committed to developing solutions that increase our customer’s efficiency and improve people's everyday lives.

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