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FLOW4YOU - GEA Flow components

Not only do our modular components mesh excellently – they also stand for innovation, sustainability, flexibility, service, safety, and a whole lot more besides. But it is actually the excellent work of our highly qualified staff, our employees in the various divisions, which ensures that our components meet the highest of standards … to keep your production flowing.

One for all – and all for your flow

In their interviews, our employees offer an insight into what they do – what they work on, what sets them apart – and also share a few anecdotes. Learn more about the people who work tirelessly every day to design, produce, and maintain the very best process components.

Sven Horter – Technical Service Engineer

Sven Horter – Service Product Manager

“I really enjoy being able to help others”

Sven Horter's varied work includes both theoretical and practical elements. The service engineer is very sociable and has a lot of fun communicating with the customer. In his interview, he explains how he works with them and why he has such a high opinion of GEA Hilge.
Aron Stauffer – Director of Engineering, Aseptic Valves

“I really enjoy working with customers to develop suitable solutions”

Aron Stauffer – Director of Engineering, Aseptic Valves.Aron Stauffer develops aseptic valves for GEA. His work with his team in Kirchberg in Switzerland enables production processes that meet the highest hygiene requirements....

Lisa Klaumünzer – Product Manager

“GEA Flow Components offers an overall concept”

Lisa Klaumünzer – Product Manager.Lisa Klaumünzer loves to rise to a challenge. As the product manager responsible for our portfolio of hygienic valves, she needs to maintain an overview of the ever-changing market requirements....

Jana Zimpel – Product Sales Manager

“The focus is definitely on the customer”

Jana Zimpel – Product Sales Manager.Jana Zimpel doesn’t only know a thing or two about cleaners – the product sales manager also belongs to the team that develops and monitors GEA Flow Components’ sustainability concept. In her...

Timo Knappe – Head of Claim Management

“Everyone is the architect of their own fortune”

Timo Knappe – Head of Claim Management.Timo Knappe has lived in Büchen since he was a child and became aware of GEA at an early age as the company makes a significant contribution to the region’s productivity. It therefore comes...

Yang Lindner – Indoor Sales Manager

“It is especially important to ask questions, listen carefully, and look closely”

Yang Lindner – Indoor Sales Manager.Yang Lindner attaches great importance to accuracy. The indoor sales manager understands the importance of precise work for the success of her customers. In her interview, she explains why...

Simon Anderson – Director of Design Validation and QA – Flow Components – BU Valves & Pumps

“I need something that’s always changing”

Simon Anderson – Director of Design Validation and QA.Simon Anderson absolutely thrives on what he does at GEA Flow Components. The head of our test center, which serves as an internal inspection body, particularly enjoys rolling...

Steffen Bischoff – Industrial Mechanic

“I saw an opportunity and seized it”

Steffen Bischoff – Industrial Mechanic.Industrial mechanic Steffen Bischoff sees to it that our cleaners live up to the most stringent requirements not only in theory, but also and in particular in practice – and he likes to...

Pavitra Badiger – Service Product Manager

“It’s important that you have something you can be passionate about”

Pavitra Badiger – Service Product Manager.Pavitra Badiger has only recently joined GEA Flow Components in Büchen, but the trained mechanical engineer is an expert in the field of pumps and valves. In her interview, she explains...

FLOW4YOU - GEA Flow components

FLOW4YOU - Together we achieve more.

Flow components

Thanks to a committed and experienced team that absolutely prioritises a spirit of innovation, extensive expertise, a love of technical detail and reliable service, GEA Flow Components keeps your production flowing with its comprehensive array of innovative and high-quality components in the four areas of hygienic valves, hygienic pumps, aseptic valves and cleaners.
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