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Alcohol-free beer has now become a standard product in every range of beverage products. One of the main demands which are always made on the de-alcoholization of beer is to keep the taste. For this reason, the gentle treatment of product is of major importance during alcohol reduction.

GEA is one of the most experienced manufacturers in the field of mechanical and thermal separation technology for the de-alcoholization of beer and is able to support you at all process steps to produce alcohol free beer by

• Using GEA clarifiers if interrupting the fermentation
• Treating beer by GEA cross flow membrane filtration to gain two products like an alcoholic solution as basis for flavored beverages and alcohol free beer.
• Processing beer by evaporation and to recover aroma

Breweries benefit from the outstanding performance of GEA equipment which allows producing all kind of low alcohol beers like:

• Alcohol-free beer:           < 0.05 %
• De-alcoholized beer:      < 0.5    %
• Low-alcohol beer:           < 1.2    %

Once the alcohol is removed proceed with the normal finishing process where the beer is carbonated and bottled where GEA is your competent partner for your requirements regarding processing filling and packaging.


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