Solutions for Steam Turbine Applications

During application lube oil are exposed to continuous contamination. Foreign matter such as abrasives, dust, condensate and decomposition products deposit in the lube oil sump. Furthermore, acids contained in the oil and foreign matter from catalysts can lead to premature aging.

Clean oil - Smooth operation


GEA purifiers separate water and solid foreign substances from the oil under the action of high centrifugal force. The purified oil now contains only traces of free water and is practically free from metal and non-metal foreign substances. This not only ensures that the lube oil functions smoothly, but also has a permanent positive effect on costs as a result of prolonged service life.

Key benefits

  • Longer service life of turbine oil
  • Reduced wear and minimized costs

Deaeration of turbine condensers


In turbine condensers the steam is expanded to the lowest possible pressure in order that the pressure energy may be completely used up. The low pressure behind the Turbine is produced by the condensation of the expanded steam in the so called "turbine condenser" and by the deaeration of the condenser, i.e. the removal of the incondensable gases contained in the steam.

The achievable pressure depends upon the condensation conditions in the turbine condenser and upon its construction. Today water cooled and air cooled condensers are used. The temperature of the available cooling water, the steam loading on the turbine, the amount of incondensable gases as well as their removal determine the condensation conditions in the turbine condenser. Normally the pressures achieved are in the range of 25 - 250 mbar.

In the main 2 stage steam jet vacuum pumps are used. However, sometimes they consist of 3 stages. Steam jet pumps with surface condensers, followed by a liquid ring pump are also used. 

The cooling of the inter- and after-condenser is normally effected by the condensate from the turbine condenser because the heat content of the expanded driving steam is therefore transferred to the condensate flow and thus reclaimed.