Treatment Systems for Gas Turbine Power Plants

Gas turbines are operated using diesel, crude or heavy fuel oils - different fuels which have to be subjected to the appropriate treatment to suit their use.

Reliable turbine protection

GEA centrifugal separation systems are used in a wide variety of process stages to achieve this. The modules in question result in a complete solution which performs all tasks reliably, whether dewatering fuels or reducing water-soluble salts or separating abrasive solids.

Boost power plant performance

Power producers operating gas turbine power plants can save enormous costs by installing fuel oil treatment systems in their gas turbine power plants. Efficient treatment of diesel oil, heavy fuel oil and crude oil drastically reduces the gas turbine blades' susceptibility to corrosion. This means the time until the next overhaul is significantly extended.

Overhauling a gas turbine (including power outage) is very cost-intensive. Treatment systems from GEA therefore protect the core investment of the plant – the gas turbine.

System engineering

By using innovative technologies and having a unique process competence, GEA develops jointly with the customers highly profitable fuel oil treatment systems for gas turbine power plants. From analyzing the problems up to the installation of the system GEA masters all process stages for diesel oil, heavy fuel oil and crude oil, thus offering to the customer profitable benefits in the form of complete problem solutions.

Our processing installations - customized solutions

Our processing installations are designed on a customized basis, taking account of the nature of the fuels and oils used. The design is influenced by various factors, for instance customized dimensions, viscosity, density and degree of contamination.