Safe and Sustainable Power Generation

The power industry is challenged with meeting the increasing demand for electricity, safely and sustainably. GEA technology is helping to safeguard the planet by providing solutions for both conventional and renewable power sources.

Unique and proven processes

GEA's high-performance centrifugal separators and systems are used to handle and treat liquid fuels and lube oil in diesel engine and gas turbine-based power plants, ensuring that they operate smoothly and reliably.Built for reliability, our centrifugal purifiers shield diesel engines and gas turbines from all aggressive by-products in fuel oils, regardless of source. This reduces service downtimes, failures and replacement costsGEA also provides compressors for cooling fuel gas and for carbon capture storage.

Our unique and proven spray absorption process is used at coal-fired power stations around the world for removing sulfur and other toxic materials from exhaust gases. In the renewables sector, GEA decanters are used to convert biomass into heat and power, and we have developed a novel solution for treating thermal oil at solar power plants.

GEA works with each client to design customized solutions, dependent upon the fuels and oils used. Each system will take into account factors such as viscosity, density and degree of contamination. We can provide continuous operation, self-cleaning separators and highly automated complete processing systems.