Effluent Water Treatment

In addition to the oil-containing sludges, the waste water polluted with oil residues also represents an ecological problem for power plant operators. GEA treatment systems represent an environmentally-friendly alternative. The self-cleaning separators achieve a reduction in oil residues to values which are considerably below the statutory specified value of 10 ppm.

GEA purifiers: The heart of economical and ecological treatment systems

The waste water from power plants is generally so severely contaminated with oil residues that it cannot be discharged into stretches of water, for example, without the appropriate treatment. As the legislation permits discharge of waste water only if residual oil content is below 15 ppm (in some regions below 10 ppm), the waste water has to be treated appropriately beforehand.

GEA centrifugal separators perform this task effectively and thus make a key contribution to operating power stations with minimum impact on the environment.