Energy-Efficient and Safe Refrigeration Processes in Refineries

Huge cost pressures and the need for reduced energy consumption are driving refineries to become more efficient and minimize the use of resources. GEA’s compressors can play a valuable role in this efficiency and sustainability drive, by enabling significant energy savings, while ensuring reliable and continuous refrigeration of products and processes. Robust design and ATEX compliance mean that GEA compressors are optimally designed to operate under tough refinery conditions, and are certified for use in areas exposed to the risk of explosion.

High refrigeration performance with minimum energy requirement

Improved gas flow, efficient operating valves and powerful drive motors are features of GEA's semi-hermetic compressors that make them the ideal solution for achieving reduced energy consumption in refinery refrigeration and frost processes. This energy efficiency can be increased even further with the option of an integrated capacity regulator that smoothly alters the refrigeration performance to meet changing refrigeration installation requirements. This enables reduced start-up current with full torque, and boosts service life because of the resulting reduction in mechanical strain placed on the compressor.

Smooth operators under extreme conditions

Explosive gases and extreme temperature fluctuations are characteristic of the conditions that are encountered in refineries, so robust technologies are required to withstand these extreme conditions. GEA compressors have a stable valve plate system and sound oil pump lubrication. They are ATEX certified and so are approved for use in explosion-risk areas (zones 1 and 2). All relevant components, such as paint finish and electronic components, as well as terminal box and thermal protection thermostat for monitoring the final compression temperature, have been designed and engineered to comply with the ATEX guidelines. GEA compressors also feature smooth running, quiet and low-vibration operation, optimum reliability, and compliance to the highest safety standards.

  • Semi-hermetic compressor for reliable and continuous refrigeration of products and processes in refineries
  • Lower energy costs due to efficient operation as the key for greater efficiency
  • Equipped for use in extreme refinery applications thanks to robust technology
  • Certified ATEX compressor approved for use in areas exposed to the risk of explosion