Efficient and Robust Refrigeration Compressors for Oil and Gas Fields

The onshore oil and gas industry is under increasing pressure to minimize environmental impact and reduce costs through energy saving. The industry must in parallel ensure maximum safety in explosion-risk areas and implement technologies that are efficient and reliable under extreme environmental conditions. This sector has long relied on GEA’s semi-hermetic compressors for the cooling of products and processes. The GEA compressors are designed to combine exceptional quality and robustness with a high degree of efficiency and maximum reliability, and to meet all ATEX specifications for use in explosion-risk areas.

Tested for high ambient temperatures

Our suction gas-cooled semi-hermetic compressors provide continuous, reliable refrigeration for product cooling, and are designed and constructed to cope with harsh environmental conditions, such as sandstorms and extremes of temperature, including ambient temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius. High quality materials, sound oil pump lubrication and stable valve plate design with valves made of impact-resistant spring steel and single-sided fixed finger reed valves contribute to the robustness of our compressors under the most challenging of conditions.

Energy-efficient to meet demand

To help ensure that refrigeration processes are more efficient, we offer qualitative solutions that help our customers to significantly reduce their energy requirements. Our semi-hermetic compressors feature optimized gas flow and, if required, can be equipped with an additional capacity regulator. An innovative frequency converter enables the capacity to be adjusted smoothly to meet the current demand of the refrigeration installation: thanks to the reduced mechanical strain on the compressor during FQ operation, service life is extended and start-up current with full torque is minimized.

ATEX certification for maximum explosion protection

For applications in explosion-risk areas GEA offers ATEX-certified semi-hermetic compressors. Features include monitoring of all cylinder covers with special heat protection thermostats, ATEX-compliant electrical components, coatings and terminal boxes. Our ATEX compressors guarantee maximum explosion protection and industrial safety without compromising on performance.