Process Refrigeration and Gas Compression Solutions

For cooling products or providing industrial process refrigeration – the use of refrigeration technology on installations in the oil & gas industries imposes stringent demands on the resilience and quality of all components used in refrigeration installations. Not only extreme temperature fluctuations but also a high level of air humidity and the risk of explosion are problematical for the machines, and may cause severe damage to important equipment. For this reason, continuous cooling of products and processes even under extreme ambient conditions is needed.

Reliable cooling & refrigeration of products and processes

Maximum safety for use in areas exposed to the risk of explosion, cost reductions by means of energy-saving processes with a minimum environmental impact as well as technologies which also guarantee reliable operation even under extreme weather conditions – in total, these are the challenges which have to be overcome in onshore and offshore applications on worldwide oil & gas fields. 

Therefore, reliable cooling & refrigeration in oil & gas applications has to be a matter of course. Whether in control centers, refineries, oil & gas fields or rigs -
the explosion-risk in the oil & gas industry is higher than in other areas. In order to tackle those extreme ambient conditions, energy-efficient technologies are essential for oil & gas applications and are a consistent step for more efficiency in conjunction with responsible handling of valuable resources.