A Pleasant Working Climate on the Rigs

Extreme weather conditions, salt water and corrosive, salty air are frequently encountered on the offshore installations of the oil and gas industry. These conditions make it imperative that powerful and reliable air-conditioning systems are installed in the personnel and machine rooms. Installing GEA compressors as the foundation of your air-conditioning system will ensure reliable and efficient climate control, even under extreme conditions and in areas exposed to the risk of explosion. Our compressors have been optimized for offshore applications, featuring a small footprint and easy maintenance.

Optimized for offshore applications

GEA is a world-leading manufacturer of refrigerating compressors, and we provide the oil and gas sector with economic solutions that have been specifically designed for applications on the high seas. Our offshore compressors feature a corrosion-resistant multiple-layer coating and a corrosion-resistant terminal box. Along with a space-saving design, the compressors are also extremely maintenance-friendly, as the electric motors can be replaced directly on site. Our offshore version in addition feature the same, tried and tested oil pump lubrication and stable valve plate designs that we build into all our semi hermetic compressors.

Latest technology for greater energy efficiency

To meet increasing demand for energy efficiency, GEA compressors feature powerful drive motors, improved gas flow and the option for smooth speed regulation via a frequency converter.  

ATEX conformity for maximum safety

GEA’s offshore compressors are ATEX certified for use in explosion risk zones 1 and 2, and include a heat protection thermostat for monitoring all cylinder covers, along with multiple-layer coatings and corrosion-resistant terminal box and electrical components They are designed to provide maximum safety even under extreme environmental and application conditions.

  • GEA compressors for powerful air-conditioning in the rough working environment of drilling rigs and production platforms
  • Multiple-layer offshore coating, corrosion-resistant terminal box and stable valve plate design for maximum availability
  • Low space requirement and extremely maintenance-friendly
  • Reliable oil supply
  • Energy-efficient thanks to frequency converter and improved gas flow
  • ATEX-compliant compressors for the use in explosion-risk areas