Energy-Efficient Air-Conditioning for Refineries

Refineries are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, and this, together with increasing competition, is driving the need to implement innovative technologies that will maximize the energy efficiency of refinery processes. GEA supports companies in the oil and gas industry through the provision of powerful, reliable semi-hermetic compressors that significantly reduce the energy consumption of modern air-conditioning without deviating from the most stringent safety standards for explosion-risk environments.

Reducing energy costs, boosting efficiency

GEA compressors feature the latest generation of powerful and efficient drive motors and optimized gas flow, to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimized operating costs, in parallel with considerable reductions in energy consumption. The option for systems with frequency converters that can smoothly change speed via capacity regulation provide additional opportunities to save energy usage.

Robust technology for a pleasant climate

A reliable oil supply combined with stable valve plate design and valves made from impact-resistant spring steel mean that GEA’s semi-hermetic compressors demonstrate an extremely robust design and operation, even under extreme conditions, and up to ambient temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius.

Short delivery times for ATEX-certified versions

For maximum industrial safety, GEA also offers ATEX-certified compressors, which are approved for use in explosion risk zones 1 and 2. These GEA ATEX compressors are also available with very short delivery times