A Cool Head Under Extreme Conditions

The control center on an oil or gas rig carries out vital functions for the whole operation, and a suitable working environment is essential for all staff. Installing GEA’s semi-hermetic compressors for air conditioning will ensure that control centers offer optimum and pleasant working conditions, so that control the center staff can keep cool heads, even under extreme conditions.

Robust technology for smooth procedures

Designed to operate reliably under testing and unusual climatic conditions, GEA’s compressors are constructed using the highest quality materials, and can withstand constant ambient temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Certified for use in ex-protected areas

GEA compressors are available for use in explosion-risk ATEX zones 1 and 2, such as those that are commonly encountered in the oil and gas industries. Paint coatings, electronic components, heat protection thermostats for monitoring all cylinder parts and terminal boxes are features that are designed to meet the relevant ATEX guidelines and thus ensure maximum industrial safety.

Reducing energy requirement

GEA compressors ensure reliable and controllable air conditioning for control centers, combined with minimal energy usage. Demonstrating optimum gas flow, our compressors feature powerful, state-of-the-art drive motors that offer enhanced energy efficiency and considerably lower operating costs. There is the option of a frequency converter to enable speed adjustment, which can further reduce energy requirements.