Air Conditioning & Chilling

Air conditioning in oil & gas applications has been a matter of course for decades. Whether in control centers, refineries, oil & gas fields or rigs -
the explosion-risk in the oil & gas industry is higher than in other areas.
In order to keep cool heads in explosion-risk areas, workmen need to have the right temperature in their surroundings.

Preventing the risk of explosion in oil & gas areas

Drilling rigs and drilling vessels on the high seas or production installations and refineries in extremely hot desert regions – installations in the oil & gas producing industries are frequently exposed to extreme conditions, and impose extremely stringent demands on men and machines. 

To prevent the risk of explosion, all the electrical and mechanical machinery has to be strictly monitored and controlled. This requires maximum efficiency of staff and also the corresponding technology. The sensitive process procedures have to be managed without any problems. Expert cooling and air conditioning of personnel and machine rooms are therefore essential in order to ensure an optimum working environment. The workmen will stay fully concentrated during their operations.