Meeting precise temperature requirements — naturally

Sustainability and precise temperatures are of critical importance for industrial processes and cold storage. GEA’s range of reliable and energy-saving cooling & heating solutions provide exactly that. These elements are required to achieve the key goals of optimizing product quality and reducing energy costs.

Our sophisticated refrigeration and related technologies include complete turnkey cooling & heating installations, compressor packages, chiller systems and heat pumps — custom-engineered to maximize operational performance, while minimizing carbon footprints.

Process efficiency and optimization

Process efficiency and optimization
Product Quality

Our focus on PQRST – Product Quality, Reliability, Safety and Total Cost of Ownership – helps customers not only maximize product quality, it also optimizes the performance of their process. By applying our energy-efficient refrigeration and heat pump solutions, which utilize natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2, we help customers achieve operational goals while also addressing environmental considerations. Combined with a tailor-made GEA service agreement, we ensure that your processes continue to operate at peak condition throughout the full life cycle of your plant.

Sustainable energy solutions – reducing energy costs, improving our planet

Sustainable energy solutions

Most of the energy utilized by food, beverage and dairy process systems is required to meet precise cooling and heating requirements. These systems therefore represent the largest opportunity to reduce your operational costs. By identifying these opportunities, we optimize the performance of your process by implementing innovative energy-efficient refrigeration and heat pump solutions, reducing your total cost of ownership and carbon footprint. Our approach leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption, paving the way toward a zero-carbon-footprint process. For example, GEA’s heat pump technology recovers the waste heat generated by the refrigeration system and upgrades it for heating requirements within the production process. This technology reduces energy consumption, potentially eliminating the need for a boiler.

  • Minimized energy consumption
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Lower carbon footprint

Our integrated approach as a single-source supplier

Single source supplier

A key link between your production process and your end product, GEA’s industrial refrigeration and heating solutions serve as the common element of GEA’s broader solutions. GEA’s expertise also includes design and installation of complete processing plants, delivered by GEA experts specializing in our food, beverage and dairy sectors.

Whether addressing current requirements or planning and implementing a new course for your company’s future, GEA takes time to fully understand your needs and work with you to develop and deliver customized solutions as your turnkey partner.

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