Efficient Solutions for Cold Stores and Distribution Centers

Experts estimate that, worldwide, more than one-third of all perishable goods never reach the consumer. The reason for this is insufficient cooling during storage and transport. Yet there is no single solution that will address every stage of a cold chain or temperature control requirements during transport and storage. GEA can provide cooling technologies that will guarantee the right temperature – whether cool or ice-cold, down to an exact degree, if necessary.

Storage and distribution: so that fresh food arrives fresh

Distribution Center

Not every type of food can be kept under the same conditions during cold storage or during transport. This fact, coupled with the drive towards greater energy efficiency and increasingly strict hygiene regulations, means that cooling and freezing technologies often need to be tailored to individual applications. Whereas fruit and vegetables that are not kept under optimum conditions may look less appetizing but still be safe to eat, unsafe levels of pathogens may occur in meat or fish if the cold chain is inadequate or not maintained. 

GEA can provide technologies and solutions for effective maintenance of the cold chain, whatever the product. And an efficient cold chain reduces waste, which means that less food has to be dumped, and if there is less waste, then less food needs to be produced and subsequently processed and transported, which reduces water and energy consumption, and benefits the environment.

GEA works with each client to provide solutions that will enable the optimum temperature and humidity control for each foodstuff.

Ice technologies for the catch


GEA has also supplied hundreds of fishing ports with ice generators and ice-storage banks in countries as far flung as Morocco, France, Belgium, Chile, Mexico, and Spain. We can install ice generators with ice towers in distribution centers, so that the ice is produced in advance and stored, according to food hygiene regulations, in the ice tower, ready for peak periods.

GEA ice towers incorporate a display that indicates the level of the remaining ice, and integrated weighing functions and coin-operated dispensing can be incorporated, so that ice is paid for and dispensed, according to weight. The ice itself is always dispensed according to the first-in, first-out (FIFO) principle, via a dispensing screw.

Whereas these ice generators produce flake ice, the fishing industry is increasingly using liquid ice; a water-ice suspension. GEA’s portfolio includes five land-based liquid-ice machines that cater for this trend. Liquid ice can be pumped easily, which means that the ice production and dispensing points can be relatively far apart. The extremely small ice crystals in liquid ice are also gentle on the fish skin and cool the cargo fast and uniformly.