Treatment of Coolant Emulsions

Operating fluids like coolant emulsions or coolant oils must be regularly rid of solid impurities and water. Early and efficient action reliably avoids machine downtime and unhygienic production conditions. GEA realizes the treatment of operating fluids in bypass to the circulatory system.

Smooth processing by means of partial stream purification

GEA separators can be directly integrated in production to ensure smooth processing by means of early partial stream purification. The result is a four- to fivefold increase in the life of the coolants along with lower disposal costs and optimum hygiene.

Coolant emulsions in metal-processing

Coolant Emulsions

In metal-processing, so-called coolant emulsions are used to reduce the frictional and forming energy, to dissipate heat, and to flush away the metal shavings during machining and forming operations. To be able to fulfill these diverse duties as an “anti-metal corrosive agent”, the emulsions are composed of different components such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, corrosion protection additives, high-pressure additives and mineral oil components – a complex mixture that tends to bacterial contamination and decay. Entrained impurities such as metal shavings and tramp fluids speed up the aging process.

The consequence: degradation of the emulsifiers, acid formation and discoloration. Unpleasant odors are produced and the operators may suffer from skin irritations. The entrained solids and tramp oil must therefore be removed from the emulsions as quickly as possible.

Simultaneous separation of solids and tramp oil

Centrifuge - Separator OSE / WSE

Both duties can be performed simultaneously using GEA separators. The finest solids and tramp oil are separated in a single work cycle. In this way, a four to five times longer life of the operating solids is achieved. Machine downtimes are reduced to a minimum. The product conditions are hygienic, and the reduction of the liquid volumes to be disposed of additionally improves the economic balance.