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GEA Grasso SP1

The GEA Grasso SP1 series of single-stage screw compressor packages has been designed to cover highly individual needs from medium to the largest cooling capacity range.

GEA Grasso SP1

The series consists of 16 models from 524 kW to 7,721 kW (R717 | –10 / +35 °C | 3,600 rpm) refrigeration capacity. The GEA Grasso SP1 series is particularly attractive for its versatility, whether in the food industry or in a high-pressure version for CO2, in a heat pump installation or in an explosion-proof set-up for chemical application. Our customers can select from a multitude of options and customize the packages to all individual needs.

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Widest range of single-stage screw compressor packages
  • Individual and customized set-up for various applications and industries
  • Refrigeration capacity up to 7.7 MW
  • GEA Omni™ control panel with high-definition 15.6" touch screen
  • Speed range of 1000 - 3600 rpm
Learn more with GEA RTSelect – our product selection and configuration tool.

GEA Grasso SP1
Screw package modelCooling capacity ¹) (kW)
-10/+35 °C
-40/-10 °C
-10/+35 °C
GEA Grasso SP1 – P638194353
GEA Grasso SP1 – R825251456
GEA Grasso SP1 – S1043317577
GEA Grasso SP1 – T1169356646
GEA Grasso SP1 – V1399430775
GEA Grasso SP1 – W1600492886
GEA Grasso SP1 – Y19415971075
GEA Grasso SP1 – Z22556941249
GEA Grasso SP1 – XA26678201477
GEA Grasso SP1 – XB337410671869
GEA Grasso SP1 – XC398112252205
GEA Grasso SP1 – XD471114492610
GEA Grasso SP1 – XE582117913225
GEA Grasso SP1 – XF695021383850
GEA Grasso SP1 – XG796224684411
GEA Grasso SP1 – XH931128865158
¹) at 3600 rpm

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