GEA developed a range of standard skid mounted units suitable for the production of liquid food concentrates. IceCon® provides an affordable solution for producing high quality concentrates, without losing quality. The losses in the discharged water are negligible.

This generally produces water that can be re-used in any up/downstream processes or can be sent straight to the drain. The newly developed compact series will be offered as a complete solution.

All relevant components for running a freeze concentration plant are installed on three modules that make up the IceCon® Compact equipment range, meeting the standards for container transport. The modules will be commissioned and tested before shipment ensuring a smooth and fast installation and startup period.

The freeze concentrator requires only electricity and by installing a pre-cooling skid energy can be recovered for an even further reduced CO2 footprint.

The Compact series is available in three sizes:

  • IceCon® Compact 25
  • IceCon® Compact 40
  • IceCon® Compact 60
UnitCompact 25Compact 40Compact 60
Dewatering range[kg/h]100-200200-450450-900
Skid dimensions (l x b x h)[m]5 x 4 x 56 x 4.5 x 5.56 x 4.5 x 6
Footprint (l x b x h), incl. maintenance area[m]7 x 6 x 88 x 7 x 98 x 7 x 9
Estimated operating weight[kg]6,00012,00020,000
Filling volume[m3]24.58
Installed power (excl. chiller)[kW]142744

The compact series offers:

  • A complete solution for dewatering rates up to 900 kg/h
  • Straight forward automatic and continuous operation
  • Small footprint
  • Container size model skids
  • Clear supply/scope split
  • Easy installation
  • FAT before shipment (smooth start-up)

Working Principle of IceCon® Compact

Working Principle of IceCon® Compact

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