In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and all related obstacles GEA could sign another contract for the engineering and supply of an electrostatic tar precipitator with a long-term customer.

The new Electrostatic Tar Precipitator (ETP) will replace two old vessels and at the time of commissioning - scheduled for late spring in 2021 - the customer will operate three ETPs supplied by GEA for the tar precipitation of the entire coke oven gas in the steel works. The new ETP is designed as a single field electrostatic precipitator with gas flow in vertical direction from the bottom to the top with an overall tar collection efficiency of 99.9 %.

The project was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic from mid of March to end of July 2020 but finally decided within a few weeks after its restart. During the break GEA kept a successful co-operation between its teams in Essen/Germany and Buenos Aires/Argentina and the customer which finally resulted in this new contract award by a leading South American steelmaking company.

"We are proud to have received a follow-up order from this customer that reflects confidence in GEA's technology and product quality. The extensive know-how gained in more than thousand reference plants gives us the experience to design new or to retrofit plants that are tailored to the customer's needs and minimize operating costs," says Jens Lange, Head of Emission Control Sales Support & Process Engineering Industrial at GEA BU Chemical Technologies – Emission Control.

GEA Emission Control Technology

Treatment of emissions and effluents into air, water or soil are the main challenges of industrial pollution control, besides energy efficient and resource saving production methods. GEA Emission Control is providing gas cleaning technologies to help our customers to allow production in a cost effective, ecological viable and sustainable way. Our technologies enable them to comply with regulations, whilst increasing output and still maintaining a competitive edge. Due to GEA’s excellent knowledge of our customer production processes very often separated substances can be reused in the production cycle to safe raw material and energy. Beside gas cleaning technologies GEA Emission Control is active in several areas to reduce the CO2 footprint and/or Greenhouse Gases within customers and industries.