With BiSeptDip Barrier, GEA is now expanding its portfolio of teat dips containing chlorine dioxide with a barrier product in the premium range, which offers excellent protection with outstanding care properties.

When freshly mixed, the new 2-component barrier dip for manual dipping safely kills mastitis-causing pathogens such as bacteria (EN 1656) and yeasts (EN 1657) within 30 seconds. The thick barrier dip forms a protective layer which minimizes the possible entry of environmental pathogens into the teat canal. At the same time, BiSeptDip Barrier supports regular skin renewal and the glycerine it contains provides excellent care of the teat skin. This results in healthy, fresh skin which is also resistant to harmful influences.

Once mixed, the product is effective for up to 18 hours, so it only needs to be mixed once a day. Furthermore, BiSeptDip Barrier is a low-drip formula, making it extremely economical in use. Another benefit in application is that, thanks to food-safe colour pigments, BiSeptDip Barrier takes on a golden colour after mixing, allowing you to immediately check that the teat has been dipped.

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