Potatoes land on millions of dinner plates around the world each day, so you might think there is nothing exciting about them. But if you take a closer look, like the Emsland Group does every day, manufacturing innovative products for the processing industry based on raw materials from vegetables, such as potatoes, then you realize just how exciting they really are. With GEA as their engineering partner, Emsland Group has built a protein line at their plant in Kyritz, Germany.

The Emsland Group is the expert in the field of breaking down the potato into its individual components, which greatly increases its versatility. For example, starch and starch derivatives are used as thickening and binding agents in the food and paper industry; dextrins, are used as coatings and are responsible for making our French fries really crispy; and fibers and proteins, are used in animal feed. In short, nothing of the potato need go to waste. 

Getting the best out of this fruit is a challenge, providing Emsland Group employees constant motivation to improve systems and processes. The same applied to the construction of their new protein plant at the Kyritz factory. With GEA as plant designer for the entire engineering of the process line, including delivery and integration of the decanter, they have found the right partner for this.  

The raw materials are different each year, so we’re constantly challenged to get the best out of the potatoes." - Michel Hörster, Department Head, Emsland Group,Kyritz, Germany