No matter what your recipe is, we will always find the perfect way to your success.

Offering the possibility to clients to test their products is a unique opportunity! GEA provides a complete cycle around customers: test the technology, find the right model machine and configuration, maintain the quality standards over the years. 

The right machine for every task

The Homogenization Process Technology Center, based in Parma (Italy) has a unique portfolio of services for homogenizers, ranging from the specification of product characteristics, the selection and design of the machine types -including peripheral equipment- right through to pilot tests (semi industrial scale up to 1000 l/h).

Following specific procedures, the homogenization effect will be tested on product sample provided to our experts, that will project accordingly to original recipe, scalability, technical feasibility, process conditions, particle size dimensions before the test and result required.

All the results and process data will be delivered to clients collected in the Test report and Process Bulletin documents.

Tools and instruments

Thanks to the employment of cutting-edge equipment, GEA Process Technology Center can ensure in-depth analysis for every kind of products.

The uniques characteristics and reliability of the Process Technology Center tools and machines enable to considerate this laboratory as fully-fledged research center, created to offer a complete excellence service for customer. The exclusives tools that clients can count onto range from formula preparation to post-homogenization processing analysis.