The site production for GEA high pressure homogenizers is located in Parma, Italy. This area it is also called the Italian Food Valley, because of many and important food processing companies that here have started and developed their business.

This unique environment allowed GEA to follow the trend: the out-standing manufacturing capabilities that lies behind the homogenizers is one of the main feature able to ensure high quality results, together with the close cooperation with universities and research centers.

Homogenizer manufacturing

Excellence manufacturing

GEA can guarantee the complete internal manufacturing of homogenizers key components, offering a full traceability of materials.

Shall we go down through details?

  • Fabricating up to 1000 machines per year lead to a dedicated workstream both for the crankshafts and the compression blocks.
  • Workstream crankshafts: rough turning, rough milling of crank pins, final turning, final milling of crank pins, lubrication bores drilling.
  • Workstream compression heads: raw milled (Duplex or Super Duplex SS) forged blocks produced by qualified suppliers according to GEA specifications (magnetoscopic and ultrasonic tests included), milling/boaring/reaming in 2 steps cycle, high precision tapering of conical valves bores, rough edges rounding off and final polishing to increase cleanability and mechanical strength.