Engineering inspired by big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner

Meeting and mastering a challenge requires experience, ability and above all the courage to try something new.

„To push the limits, you first have to challenge them.“ 

Big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner never tires of meeting new challenges and regularly breaks records mastering them. For our engineers, Sebastian provided both a role model and the inspiration to push the limits of product development. The most recent result is the new GEA marine Separator.

GEA marine Separator

GEA Marine Separator Open

To future proof separator technology it was necessary to completely rethink marine separators and set new standards in terms of ease of maintenance, personnel deployment, energy efficiency, operating costs and environmental protection – through the use of ultra-low sulphur oil for example. The result is a revolutionary solution that offers integrated direct drive, an extremely simple service concept compact design, more performance per square meter of footprint and smart connectivity. 

Future on board. Today!

Future on board. Today. GEA at SMM 2018 in Hamburg

Nowadays, those involved in the commercial shipping, liner and cruise businesses face a growing number of complex and demanding challenges. One of these is the processing of heavy oil and lubricating oil. For years separators have helped owners and yards meet this challenge.  

„Maritime separation technology that sets new standards.

Your separator clean in 20 minutes

GEA EffiClean before and after
Separator disk before (left) and after (right) cleaning with GEA EffiClean

Cleaning your separator is really easy now with GEA EffiCleanNo dirty hands, no dismantling required. 

This innovative solution cleans the separator’s disks stacks in only 20 minutes. 

Taking place inside the running machine, it also reduces the workload by up to 95 percent compared to manual cleaning.

Smart connectivity!

GEA Marine Separation Solutions

With the new generation of separators, tomorrow’s intelligent shipping is already on board. 

The future of shipping is digital. In accordance with the needs of big data, demand for more transparent processing and real-time operating data is increasing. As part of this, equipment needs to be interfaced with the ship’s management system and numerous processes controlled, visualized and analyzed within the network. Making it easy to meet these maritime challenges, our separators are digital ready across a range of functionalities including preventive maintenance, proactive optimization, and continuous unmanned machine room operation.

Your benefits at a glance

GEA Marine Separator

GEA marine Separator

  • Run 16.000 hrs instead of 8.000 hrs
  • Easy exchangeable drive system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Clean in 20 minutes
  • Save on you energy bill
  • Small footprint and 360° accessibility
  • Ready for smart connectivity and big data
  • Adaptable to the latest fuel technologies
  • Best certified flow rate in the marine market
  • Hot separation add-on