At least 250 fast-growing craft brewers have found the secret to increasing yield, speed up the time to market and profit from more flexibility. Just one GEA plug & win centrifuge is all it takes to join them and make more beer!

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Bodebrown are very happy with the new shipment of craft brewer centrifuge. There is no greater thrill than seeing your own recipe put in to production. GEA knows that truning your passion for craft brewing into marketable beer is an emotianal thing. See how happy one of our 250 customers get to receive their 'plug & win' separator skid.

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GEA craft beer Skid ROI

Dependent on style, it has proven that 5–10 percent more beer may be recovered from the same batch, with less effort, less energy, less working hours. Breweries with 5,000 hl/y have experienced an additional revenue of about 50,000 EUR / year.

All in Just One Installation

Wort clarification

Craft beer process GEA centrifuge

Green beer clarification with added surplus yeast / flavors / stabilizers

Craft beer process yeast GEA centrifuge

Beer recovery from tank bottoms

Craft beer process turbidity GEA centrifuge

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