It was over 50 years ago that the people of Buffalo in New York first fried a chicken wing, converting a waste product into one of America’s favorite snacks.

Excellence at every stage with GEA technology

We’ve come a long way since then with the GEA technology, providing WINGS 360° with defrosting, marinating, coating, roasting, frying, smoking, freezing and packaging to help you make wings that look and taste great. Learn more about our high capacity equipment that offers exceptional yields with reduced labor costs and highest profit. The end result: happy customers! As you strive for excellence, let us be your wingman.

Defrosting frozen wings with GEA ColdSteam T

GEA Chicken Wings 360 - Frozen Wings

Especially with seasonal products like chicken wings it can beneficial to buy your products in the low season. Using the GEA ColdSteam technology to defrost this frozen stock of chicken wings in the high season not only saves costs, but also cuts defrosting time by up to 75% and adds value to your total factory process with measurable benefits in through-put yield.

Perfect brine distribution for fresh marinated wings

GEA Chicken WIngs 360 - Fresh Marinated Wings

Over the last decades injecting has evolved into a way of adding value to the products in terms of enhanced flavor, more appetizing color, higher yield and an appealing bite. The new GEA MultiJector with 2mm injector needles helps you to bring the highest quality and accuracy to the art of fresh marinated chicken wing making.

Authentic homestyle wings on an industrial scale

GEA Chicken Wings 360 - Homestyle Wings

To create the authentic Southern fried homestyle coating for chicken wings on an industrial scale you have to find a balance between flour pick-up, texture and crispiness. The patented GEA MultiDrum delivers consistent coating quality with the authentic homestyle look, taste and bite and significantly reduces the need for manual labor.

Perfect spreading of your dusted wings

GEA Chicken Wings 360 - Dusted Wings

The GEA MultiDrum enables the poultry products (bone-in or boneless) to be bulk loaded without the need for converging, and creates three even streams, one for each drum. Also at the outfeed, the breaded chicken wings are evenly spread across the transport belt, ready for the next step in the process.

The innovative way of smoked wings

GEA Chicken Wings 360 - Smoked Wings

Who doesn’t enjoy the unique smoky barbecue flavor? The latest innovation on the GEA CookStar enables you to in-line recreate this magic on an industrial scale. The oven provides a controlled environment for a more consistent smoke flavored and authentic colored chicken wing, similar to traditionally smoked products.

Total control over the crispiness and juiciness of your roasted wings

GEA Chicken Wings 360 - Roasted Wings

Are you looking for consistent cooking quality with the lowest color variation across the width of the belt and highest yield performance? The GEA CookStar Turbo uses a unique combination of horizontal and vertical air flow in three zones, it provides you total control over the crispiness, juiciness, texture and color of your chicken wings.

Higher yield and capacity for boneless wings

GEA Chicken Wings-360 - Boneless Wings

Do you want to have control over crispiness, juiciness, texture and color of your coated chicken wings? The GEA CookStar accurately controls the conditions in each zone of the oven with its patented air flow principle and active climate control resulting in ultimate control over temperature, air speed and dew-point.

A golden opportunity for your fried wings

GEA Chicken Wings 360 - Fried WIngs

Designed to meet the highest safety standard, the GEA EasyFry XL features low oil consumption, self-supportive oil filtration and recipe control. Managing your oil quality saves processing costs and ensures consistently high food quality. An integral part of the GEA frying process are the different oil management solutions from GEA for the right oil supply, oil exchange and filtering of the oil, allowing significant improvements in oil lifetime, oil quality and ultimately the quality of the chicken wing.

WINGS 360° makes your wings fly