Optimise your refrigeration system

Optimise your refrigeration system

Get in touch with GEA, one of the few global players in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration. As well as our comprehensive portfolio of new refrigeration equipment, GEA has developed an extensive range of products and services to improve existing refrigeration systems' reliability and performance.

Upgrades / Modernisation / Optimisation

Everything changes: technology, markets, legislation and customer expectations. At GEA we work with you to make sure your equipment and plant keeps up with the demand and improved technology: improving safety and efficiency, reducing costs, providing longer lifetime and ensuring the flexibility you need.


Update your existing screw compressor packages

GEA provide compressor conversion kits for any screw compressor package. Each GEA Grasso conversion kit (GGCK) is supplied complete with a new GEA screw compressor and other standard components. Each conversion kit designed specifically to suit the existing package unit in order to minimize any on-site modifications. This enables fixed prices to be offered with short down times and a compressor manufacturer’s warranty is included.


A retrofit panel solution for industrial screw and piston compressor packages

We now offer a standardised retrofit solution for industrial screw and piston compressors, ensuring operators’ continued success. GEA Omni™ Retrofit Panels have already proved their worth with compressor packages from many manufacturers. This includes hardware designed to allow the connection of different types of compressor sensors, motor current sensors and solenoid coil voltages. This reduces the number of loose shipped items to a minimum, thus simplifying and reducing installation time. Compressor-specific electrical drawings and preconfigured software are provided on a GEA USB drive.


GEA PR-OLEO® Refrigeration Oil

Premium-quality refrigeration oils for flooded ammonia systems. Both formulations offer the same performance properties over a wide range of applications. 


Self-limiting Automatic Purger

Our award winning purger removes non-condensable gases from your refrigeration system; minimising downtime and maximising system efficiency


Keep your ammonia refrigeration system free from moisture

Our Grasso Ammonia Dryer (GAD) removes water from the refrigeration system while the system is operational; minimizing downtime and keeping the system dry, clean and operating efficientlythe refrigerant circuit dry and clean and your refrigeration system running efficiently

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