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Falling Film Evaporators and Forced Circulation Reboilers according to product characteristics and plant concepts.

GEA uses different types of reboilers for the energy input to the distillation columns. The choice of the suitable type depends on surrounding process and product parameters.

The falling film evaporator as reboiler supports rapid start-up and shut-down of the column due to its limited liquid holding capacity. It is easily controlled and suited to operation with the smallest of temperature differences.

Falling film reboilers are therefore used for temperature-sensitive products and are particularly suited to energy saving, multiple-effect distillation processes.


Forced circulation reboilers are used for reboiler duties where viscous and/or heavily contaminated media are to be expected in the bottom product.

High liquid velocities in the tubes and the resulting shearing forces ensure that this type of heat exchanger is operated within its optimum performance range, while keeping fouling to a minimum. Pump selection influences performance and efficiency. Forced circulation reboilers can be designed for either horizontal or vertical installation.

The thermo-syphon reboiler  is most attractive regarding the investment  cost and operational costs  for very  stable process conditions and allowable high temperature differences .   Because of its requirements on the process it is limited in its applications .  In modern energy saving concepts with multi stage distillation units, the thermo-syphon usually isn't used.