iFLEX Süt Sağım Meme Lastikleri

A complete range of modern liners essential connection between your cow and milking machine.

iFlex Liners

The iFLEX synthetic compound offers responsiveness and durability with minimal fat absorption. By combining iFLEX with the latest dimensional parameters, Milfos liners offer excellent performance.

Your careful selection will ensure that the right liner offers you the best milking performance possible. Each liner is produced to exacting dimensional and quality standards.

Key Features

  • Options for small, medium and large teat sizes
  • Suits a wide range of teatcups and nipple entry sizes
  • Pliable mouthpiece and firm collar to minimize cup slip
  • Tapered bore with slim wall for positive response to pulsation
  • Clearly marked ‘anti twist’ indicators to ensure correct alignment
  • Reinforced tail piece with protection area to minimize impact damage

The Range Consists of Three Series

The Milfos Original 10 Series is designed to suit Milfos cluster assemblies with straight or swept entries, a unique tailpiece design that really “shuts off” the vacuum while applying the cluster
DescriptionTeat SizeMouthpiece size
Milfos Liner 1010Sml/Med21mm
Milfos Liner 1020Med/Lge23mm
Milfos Liner 1030Lge23mm
The Milfos Premier 20 Series is designed to suit a wide range of cluster assemblies with nipple entries of both 8 and 10mm; to suit cropped claw entries
DescriptionTeat sizeMouthpiece size
Milfos Liner 2010SSml/Med21mm
Milfos Liner 2010LSml/Med21mm
Milfos Liner 2020SMed/Lge23mm
Milfos Liner 2020LMed/Lge23mm
Milfos Liner 2030SLge23mm
Milfos Liner 2030LLge23mm
The Milfos Retro 50 Series is designed to suit specific applications where generic liners will not suit the purpose. Each liner has proven performance and offers value for money
DescriptionTeat sizeMouthpiece size
Milfos Liner 5010Lge23mm
Milfos Liner 5020Lge23mm
Milfos Liner 5030Lge23mm

Square Liners 1020 i4 & 2020 i4

The Milfos 1020 i4 and 2020 i4 square barrel liners target improved milking performance, better teat health and less liner slip through innovative product design.

The efficient 4-way massage system relieves congestion around the teat during milking while creating better airflow to improve vacuum stability and therefore reducing cup slip.

Key Features

  • Improved milking performance
  • Reduced liner slip
  • Fast and clean milking
  • Improved teat health with 4-way massage
  • Suitable for 2500 cow milkings

DescriptionTeat sizeMouthpiece size
Milfos Liner 1020 i4Med/Lge23mm
Milfos Liner 2020 i4Med/Lge23mm
Milfos Liner 2020 i4SMed/Lge23mm
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