Herringbone Sağım Odası iCLASSIC

The iCLASSIC stalling system is a kit set roof mounted herringbone stalling system that sets new standards in performance and ease of set up. Available with swing arm or midline milking system

All components are hot dip galvanized and bolt together standard parts.

Key Features

  • 6 - 60 Clusters
  • Feed option available (straight rails)
  • Adjustable breast rail and entry rails
  • Seamless integration with the iSOLATOR exit gates
  • Available with standard cow spacing of 660mm, 700mm and 760mm with custom sizes available on request.

Milfos iXPRESS4 Midline Milking System

Herringbone Sağım Odası iCLASSIC

:The iXPRESS4 Milking System offers high dependability and enhanced milking performance expected from this large bore midline milking system. 

Key Features:

  • 8 - 50 Clusters
  • 1 - 2 Operators
  • 40 – 429 cows / hr
  • Suit herd size between 100 - 400 cows

Milfos iXPRESSIA Swing Arm Milking System

Herringbone Sağım Odası iCLASSIC

iXPRESSIA is the new generation in swing over milking technology. You not only get enhanced milking performance, you get superior cluster alignment ensuring a clean and even milking of the cow.

The specially designed and developed iNTELARM (IA) guides the cluster from side to side and the removal of standard droppers opens up the pit and working area for operators.

Key Features:

  • 8 - 50 Clusters
  • 1 - 2 Operators
  • 40 – 429 cows / hr
  • Suit herd size between 150 - 400 cows
Küresel Sayfa Bilgileri

Herd Management & Automation

Herd Management and Automation products are easily fitted which increases operators productivity at milking time without effecting natural efficiency.

Sorting Gate

The Sorting Manager takes the stress out of the milking process by reliably sorting those cows that have been manually identified for sorting, cows that match predetermined reports for sorting or cows that have been alerted during milking.

iNTELSPRAY2 Walk Over Spray System

The iNTELSPRAY2 system automatically senses and sprays the animal’s teats on exit of the milking parlor. This has the advantage of reducing the operator workload at milking time. iNTELSPRAY2 ensures that all animals receive exactly the same amount of teat spray and identical attention.

Küresel Sayfa Bilgileri

iXPRESS Components

There are a comprehensive range of milking components available for all types of milking systems and herd sizes. All products are designed to be robust and the highest quality materials for long life.

Milfos iC330 Milking Cluster

iC330 Yüksek Performanslı Süt Sağım Pençesi

The iC330 Milking Cluster has been designed especially to meet the needs of high-yielding, fast milking animals.

Although large in capacity, the size, overall weight and width of the claw has been kept to a minimum. The iC330 claw is protected from its harsh working environment through high tech and robust plastic moldings with a well-placed protective bumper.

Autopuls S Pulsation

Autopuls S is a new generation of pulsator, engineered for long life even in the harshest working environment. It is sealed from water and moisture contamination and electrics are housed away from the pulsator chamber.

Precision electronics deliver a perfectly controlled pulse to the cluster, providing accurate milking and rest phases. Front and rear milking ratios are possible along with variable pulsation rates.

Milk Lines and Receivers

Milk lines are available from 50mm to 100mm depending on the number of clusters. All milk lines are made from 304 grade stainless steel and have either 16mm or 19mm welded milk nozzle entries in a straight or tangential configuration. Receivers and sanitary traps are produced to suit the various machine types and sizes. These are supplied with any necessary valves, drains, and milk inlet RJT and milk outlets.

iCIP Cluster Washer

Süt Sağım Hijyeni - iCIP Sağım Pençesi Yıkayıcı

The iCIP range of cluster washers are easy to use and deliver a set flow rate of wash solution to the cluster ensuring maximum hygiene. Moulded in the latest durable engineering plastics. The family of products are designed for herringbone and rotary parlors in both low line and midline installations. The washer includes an innovative “one piece” non return valve and easy flow adjustment device. This makes installation and service easy while allowing the clusters to be loaded into the jetters without losing vacuum.


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