GEA MultiDrum

Re-creating delicious home-style breading on an industrial scale used to be a compromise. You had to choose between an authentic look but with low production efficiency, or a non-authentic appearance with better efficiency. No more! GEA has perfected an innovative multi-drum breader that overcomes all of the automated home-style breading drawbacks to produce authentic looking natural bone-in and boneless products with a crunchy golden coating.

GEA MultiDrum

GEA MultiDrum açık

Working principle
The benefits of the GEA MultiDrum start at the infeed, where products can be bulk loaded. There is no need for additional converging machines, which would add cost as well as make the line longer. 

As the products rise up on a chain belt, they are naturally divided into three channels, one for each drum (two for the 600 mm version). 

An adjustable level of flour on the flour bed is constantly maintained, so the right amount of breading falls into drums with the products. This unique multi-drum breading technology is only available on GEA coating machines. 

Tumbling the products in a drum ensures a home-style appearance, and there are no augers in the design so the potential for blockage is minimized. After tumbling, excess flour falls through slits and is constantly cycled back into the machine.

• The possibility to bulk load a line
• No need to converge the product stream
• Perfect product spreading at the outfeed
• Controllable pick-up levels
• Reduced dust in the environment

GEA has developed an innovative home-style breader with multiple drums. This patented concept splits the product stream, and feeds the products evenly into multiple drums. The products leave the drums evenly spread across the belt. 

The GEA MultiDrum delivers consistent coating quality with the authentic home-style look, taste and bite. The pick-up percentage is controllable, and the machine
requires considerably less space than a single-drum breader and associated spreading belts. This means the line shorter is overall. 

The design is easy to clean, and thanks to the GEA OptiAir technology, the amount of dust in the work environment is greatly reduced. The GEA MultiDrum is available in a three-drum configuration (1000 mm wide) and a twin-drum configuration (600 mm wide).

• Suited for a wide range of home-style coated products
• Handles boneless and bone-in products
• Ideal as a predust applicator for whole muscle and bone-in 
• Bulk loaded
• Reduced labor

Output quality
At the outfeed, products exit evenly spread across the belt and there is no need for additional spreading machines (which also make the line longer) or manual workers. In fact up to 80% fewer manual workers are required on a GEA MultiDrum breading line!

• Perfect home-style appearance
• Attractive "coral reef" effect after frying
• Minimal manual intervention to spread products
• Outfeed singulated across full belt width
• Guaranteed 100% predust coverage on natural portions

Controllable pick-up, perfect home-style appearance

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To ensure you can create the ideal home-style coating according to specific recipe and product requirements, the GEA MultiDrum features adjustable flour bed level, drum angle and drum speed. This enables the pick-up percentage to be accurately controlled. 

• Controllable coating pickup and product appearance 
• Adjustable drum angle 
• Adjustable drum speed 
• Adjustable flour bed 
• Constant flour feeding for consistent flour consistency 

Return on investment 
GEA MultiDrum delivers controllable pick-up, perfect home-style appearance, consistent high quality output and a high throughput. And your home-style line can run with up to 80% less manual workers. What else do we need to say... 

• Up to 80% reduced labor 
• Dust-free operation for a cleaner working environment 
• Higher throughput than conventional drumbreaders 
• No use of augers - minimum risk of blockage 

Unlike conventional single drum breaders, which have difficult access for cleaning, the drums on the GEA MultiDrum can automatically be lifted to a special the cleaning position, enabling thorough cleaning of the whole machine, including the normally difficult to reach areas below the drum. 

• Opens up for cleaning 
• All areas accessible 
• No "loose parts" during cleaning 

The machine is simple to operate and easy to understand. The control panel is placed at an ergonomic position, featuring push button controls and speed readout.

• Intuitive push button controls 
• Ergonomic design 
• Frequency controlled drives with speed read out

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