GEA Virtual Spray Dryer Testing

As a complementary addition to physically testing, GEA has developed the Virtual Spray Dryer Testing based on Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate the performance of the spray drying process with all its complexity.

GEA Virtual Spray Dryer Testing

Benefits at a glance

  • Lower risk than physically testing, save time and reduce cost. 
  • Quickly assess the consequences of rebuilding or changing settings in the spray dryer 
  • Early insights into the optimization and functionality (even before a new plant is built)
  • No impact on day-to-day operation

Challenging physical tests

Because physical tests on a commercial spray drying plant are risky, and may lead to substantial production losses, many plants in operation have not been adjusted for optimal performance.

Similarly, the inherent complexity of the spray drying process means that when designing new plants with completely new products, or new developments in critical fluid components, it is difficult to foresee and mitigate all the problems that might arise.

GEA Virtual Spray Dryer Testing design performance

Beyond physical testing

The Virtual Spray Dryer Testing uses advanced models that can generate deep insights into spray drying processes. Using the Virtual Spray Dryer Testing, it’s possible to test and evaluate process configurations and operating parameters that couldn’t be tested using physical, on-site measurements. Download our brochure to get more info on rapid, low cost & risk-free spray dryer testing based on computational fluid dynamics simulations.

Push boundaries to optimize performance with no risk

By using advanced simulations to model real processes, the Virtual Spray Dryer Testing is a great way of pushing the boundaries of spray drying technology to optimize plant economy without sacrificing process safety and product quality.

GEA Virtual Spray Dryer Testing parameter & results

Convert data into a Study for proper decision-making

Computer simulations generate huge amounts of data, but the Virtual Spray Dryer Testing will provide a ‘Study’, with representation and translation of the data, to make them real and relevant for your process conditions and support your decision-making.

Use technology to apply GEA expertise

The GEA Virtual Spray Dryer Testing has been developed with the benefit of decades of our process design and operational know-how. We don’t just offer state-of-the-art simulations, we combine it with expert knowledge and experience, to help support your goals, and optimize your spray drying operation and product quality.

To know more about GEA Virtual Spray Dryer Testing and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), read our last article Taking the guesswork out of product design with CFD from GEA.

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