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GEA clarifier for biochemicals stand for utmost security of the investment, products and processes. They insure high product quality and yield.

The self-cleaning GEA clarifiers for biochemical ensure high product quality and yield. According to model, they are designed to resist concentrated acids, high pressures and inflammable or even explosive substances.

The clarifiers are equipped with a disc-type bowl and movable sliding piston. The separation is fast and gently ensuring highest efficiency. The clarified liquid is discharged foam-free and under pressure by means of a centripetal pumpWith very precise ejection systems which ejects the solids from the separator bowl at operating speed for a fully continuous operation and short payback periods..In many application areas of the White Biotech, developments have only just begun. To secure your investment, GEA clarifiers may be designed according to our customers’ needs after laboratory tests with the original products of the customer

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GEA PerformancePlus, rutin önleyici bakımın ötesine geçer ve Müşteri Endüstri 4.0 Stratejik Çabaları isimli müşteri hizmetleri seviyesi opsiyonları sunar.

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