Cryogenic gas processing

Advanced technologies for cryogenic processing facilities

The effective treatment of natural gas requires reliable systems that provide exacting temperatures. The compressor is the heart of the system that supplies this essential ingredient.

Meeting process-critical requirements

GEA’s long and successful history of innovation and leadership in the design and production of world-class compressors; compressor packages and complete, turnkey facilities provides customers with confidence that their cryogenic processing systems can be relied upon to deliver peak performance over the long haul.  

Our proven capabilities with cryogenic processes includes ethylene boil off gas liquefaction and ethylene cooling. GEA’s expertise also extends to cryogenic refrigeration, which is at the core of the natural gas liquefaction process. Offerings range from liquefied natural gas (LNG) component systems to complete LNG facility liquefaction solutions. 

Global presence, local solutions

Industry-leading natural gas processors worldwide utilize GEA solutions. After understanding your unique challenges and requirements, GEA draws from its worldwide resources to provide you with the optimal, customized solution to maximize results. 

We invite you to view this video to learn about the features and advantages of GEA screw compressors:

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