iXPRESS Herringbone Parlor

Low maintenance, highly dependable, customisable highline herringbone parlor.

From small 8 cluster parlors to large scale

The iXPRESS system can be installed in any size shed. Pre-fabricated, the equipment is quickly and easily bolted into position. Easy to maintain, it has proven ideal for any sized operation, from small 8 cluster parlors through to large scale 24/7 operations and is used all over the world. The iXPRESS has an automation upgrade path way, to increase efficiency. 

  • Modular system provides flexibility for herd size and simple automation 
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Integrated controls ensure a one-switch operation starts the entire plant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Installed and maintained by a network of accredited GEA Service Partners to meet the standards and guidelines for efficient milk harvesting
  • New Zealand designed and manufactured; meets ISO standards for milking system design, construction and performance


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