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Continuous Heat Sealer/Closer

The SC-500 continuous sealer closer is designed to enable semi-automated sealing and closing of pre-glued fold-top bags in low volume production plants.

GEA Avapac Sealer Closer SC-500

The GEA range of continuous motion sealer closers starts with the SC-500. Having a continuous motion closing system means that the operator can present the bag to the closer and allow it to be processed whilst he is then free to continue with filling or other duties. This means that the overall throughput of the plant can be increased by having multiple operations carried out simultaneously. This also means that the labor requirement is reduced when compared with fully manual systems.

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The SC-500 is a compact sealing and closing system unit that uses proven technology for bag sealing and closing pinch-top multi-wall bags.  A belt conveyor transports the bag from each module and discharges the sealed and closed bag to a down-line conveyor. The bag sealer assembly can be manually raised or lowered to accommodate various bag sizes.

An operator control panel is provided for the SC-500 to enable setup, operation and monitoring of the bag closing process. Transfer of the bag through the machine is controlled by a belt conveyor system with the bag top being controlled via a series of belts.

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