Evaporation Technology

Dryer Vapor heated evaporation plants

The energy costs of an evaporator can be significantly reduced by using dryer vapor for heating.


The main criterion for the use of dryer vapor to heat evaporation plants is the component of inert gases and/or air and thus the dew point of the water steam-air mixture. The higher the dew point, the higher the water steam content and thus the usable energy content.

If the dryer vapors contain dust and grease vapors  these can be deposited in the calandria and thus disrupt and even prevent the heat transfer from the heating to the boiling chamber. This can be avoided by cleaning the dryer vapor in a GEA vapor scrubber. Usually it is a jet scrubber, a self priming liquid jet fan which is perfectly suited for this application. The vapor scrubber can be operated with the vapor condensate from the evaporation plant. Thus, no additional process water is necessary.

In this way, the energy was saved for heating the evaporation and simultaneously clean the dryer exhaust.

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