Double the fun, add a coating

GEA Aquarius Coating Line

Double the fun, add a coating

GEA Aquarius Coating Line

The world's first fully automated lollipop coating line

Now you can produce imaginative and tasty coated lollipops inline - with the GEA Aquarius Coating Line. It creates perfectly formed 3D lollipops before coating them with powders to add different tastes, colors and flavors. The combinations are ample. The fully automated line also wraps the lollipops in sandwichwrap, so consumers can see the attractively coated lollipops inside.

Main applications

GEA Aquarius Coated Lollipops

Main applications include solid or center filled hard candy 3D lollipops in various shapes, inline coated with powders of your choice.

High quality. High speed. High performance

  • Continuous and seamless process from forming to wrapping
  • Inline chain dipping and coating system with grippers enables high quality coated lollipops
  • Integrated inline chain cooling avoids lollipop form deformation
  • Speeds up to 600 lollipops/min for 22-32 diameter

Easy to operate, clean and maintain

  • Adjustable stick hopper for easy change-over of different stick lengths
  • Quick change set for the forming set enables easy switch in 3D lollipop shapes
  • Automated Clean-in-Place system (CIP) ensures proper cleaning at the end of each production cycle
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support and application training on request

Durable, high-performance design

  • Continuous line performance monitoring on temperature, consumption and system pressure
  • Automatic inline lubrication ensures smooth line operation
  • Reduced wear & tear and cleaning thanks to closed machine housing, preventing sugar dust getting inside
  • Automated machine damage protection system to ensure the forming set will not get damaged

Advanced technology

Unique inline lollipop coating technology

GEA Aquarius Coating Line offers a unique, completely automated line solution for coated lollipops. The coating process comprises of three patented* stages: wetting, coating and removal of excess material. It all happens completely automatically and smoothly.

Patented take-over transfer wheel

This unique take-over transfer wheel ensures that each and every lollipop is transferred smoothly from former to cooler with the help of grippers. The design detail of the lolly can be retained and it is suitable for various shapes or diameters of lollies.

Technical details

Complete line specifications GEA Aquarius Coating Line
Output 450 to 600 lollipops / min
Filling inside lollipop 15-20% non-fluid filling
Diameter/width lollipop (min to max) 22 - 32 mm
Minimum rim ball lollipops 4 mm
Minimum rim 3D lollipops 2 mm
Diameter stick (min to max) 3,2 - 5,5 mm
Stick length (min to max) 74 - 102 mm
Stick material PVC, PP, Paper, Wood
Wrapping material Cellophane, Polypropylene, PVC
Spot dimension 4 x 8 mm

The GEA Aquarius Coating Line includes the following equipment:

GEA Aquarius FlexFormer SC for 3D lollipop lines

The GEA Aquarius FlexFormer SC can produce virtually any shape of lollipop you require. Once the lollipops are formed, a unique (patent pending) take-over transfer wheel takes the lollipops out of the die set towards the cooling area. The design of the wheel also makes it possible to change between different shapes and diameters lollipops. To shorten the cleaning effort and time, a CIP unit (Clean-In-Place) has been added to the FlexFormer. This system is equipped with a number of nozzles which can clean the forming set in approximately 30 minutes.

GEA Aquarius PopCooler C

After being formed, the lollipops are transferred by means of grippers directly to the PopCooler C for cooling. The grippers system is equipped with an automated chain to avoid deformations or loss of design detail. The lollipops circulate in the cooler for approximately 3,5 minutes before the take-over wheel transfers the lollipops automatically to the coating unit.

GEA Aquarius PopMoisterer and GEA Aquarius PopCoater

At the Aquarius PopMoisterer, the cooled lollipops are dipped in water and afterward automatically transported toward the PopCoater for inline coating with powders. Any excess coating is automatically removed to guarantee the desired lollipop weight. The system is also equipped with a water-circulation system for necessary freshness.

GEA Aquarius PopDryer

To avoid losing coating material, the lollipops are directly transferred from the PopCoater towards the PopDryer. In the PopDryer the lollipops are guided in line using chain grippers and circulate there for approximately 4,5 minutes. This ensures that the coating layer attaches well to the lollipop and that the absolute minimum of coating particles ends up loose in the packaging.

GEA Aquarius SandwichWrapper

Once the lollipops are coated and dried, they are transported towards the GEA Aquarius SandwichWrapper. Thanks to the transfer grippers, each lollipop is positioned exactly between the bottom and top film. The sandwich wrap style gives you the opportunity to present your coated lollipops in transparent wrapping. The equipment also allows wrapping lollipops in strips up to 10/pack.

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