Дозирование твердых веществ

Антибиотики и противоинфекционные препараты

Antibiotics, compounds or substances that combat bacterial infections and kill or slow down their growth, comprise one of the most important groups of drugs in the fight against infectious diseases. Representing around 13% of total pharmaceutical consumption, they have the highest market share of any pharmaceutical product.

Driven by new product innovations, high levels of R&D investment and the pharmaceutical industry’s need to ameliorate the issue of antibiotic resistance, the antibiotic market is expected to show continued growth.

From R&D-scale and standalone manufacturing equipment to completely integrated process lines that maximize operational reliability, GEA supplies a complete range of equipment and solutions for the industrial-scale production of antibiotics, antibacterials and anti-infectives. 

Including high shear mixers, fluid bed dryers, single pot systems, extruders and spheronizers, blenders and containment solutions, right through to tablet compression and aseptic spray drying systems, we provide the pharmaceutical industry with high quality, cost-effective, integrated modules, systems and complete lines for the production of dry sterile dosage forms.

GEA can help you to choose the most suitable equipment, assessing each project on its individual needs, and tailor the process and the spray dryer to match your specific requirements.

Продукты и технологии

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