Healthy udders that are well looked-after ensure optimum milk quality, and therefore healthy, long-term yields. The basis for this is reducing the risk of new udder infections by selecting the right teat dip. For this purpose GEA has extended its range of teat dips with SalvoSpray AMS, an organic teat dip specially designed for automated milking systems (AMS).

SalvoSpray AMS – the teat dip based on naturally occurring lactic acid

SalvoSpray AMS, a modified version of the well-established SalvoSpray, is a sprayable dipping agent which has been specially designed for in-line dipping and spraying in AMS. The ready-to-use solution is based on lactic acid and ensures effective disinfection and care of the teats immediately after milking. SalvoSpray AMS, which can also be sprayed or dipped manually, has proven its effectiveness in EN tests. Mastitis-causing pathogens such as bacteria (E. coli, Staph. aureus, Strept. uberis) and yeast (Candida albicans) are readily killed. At the same time, a 6-fold care complex consisting of glycerine, allantoin, lanolin, propylene glycol, aloe vera and lactic acid keeps the teats smooth and supple. This reduces the exposure to unwelcome pathogens and the risk that they will settle.

The thin SalvoSpray AMS ensures a very good teat coverage so that dipped teats can easily be recognized even without colour. SalvoSpray AMS can be used during the entire lactation. Thanks to its safe disinfection performance based on the naturally occurring lactic acid, SalvoSpray AMS is also suitable for use on organic farms which do not want to use a dipping agent that contains iodine for example.

Please note that this is a global webpage. For more information on the availability of this product in your country please reach out to your local GEA dealer.

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