How will beverage and food manufacturers be producing in the future and what optimization potential do digital services offer in terms of product quality, variety, flexibility, efficiency, availability and sustainability? Visitors to this year's BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, will be able to find out by visiting the GEA booth, where new products for the beverage industry as well as GEA’s service solutions will be on display. GEA has developed a wide range of Life Cycle Services for beverage manufacturers and offers practical support for sustainably improving plants and plant performance. GEA experts will be on hand to discuss the individual needs and challenges customers have within their specific application.

From Big Data to Smart Data with GEA’s Digital Service Solutions

From greenfield projects through corrective and predictive maintenance to machine and plant performance optimization, GEA’s digital services give customers new ways to stay a step ahead of the competition. These solutions include real-time support with GEA Remote Eye Wear as well as condition monitoring solutions such as PerformancePlus, which uses selective data analysis to propose measures and allow them to be initiated quickly. This enables not only increased production reliability and the economical use of energy and resources but also maximum GEA system uptime.

GEA Remote Eye Wear: real-time support, anywhere in the world

For plant inspections, to provide support during commissioning and in the event of technical problems, GEA has developed GEA Remote Eye Wear. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it offers customers virtual real-time support by a GEA service technician via remote access. As a result, response times are shortened and travel costs can be reduced significantly. With its built in camera and microphone, GEA Remote Eye Wear offers a range of functions, including “chat”, “hear”, “speak” and even the ability to “send” and “edit” pictures. With images projected onto the Remote Eye Wear screen, repairs, process optimization or inspections can be done at the speed of the Internet. Information is streamed, live, via a Wi-Fi interface, enabling machine operators to send and receive information in real-time. Documents and records can be sent by the back office support or requested by the service technician. However, fast response times in the event of technical problems are not the only advantage of GEA Remote Eye Wear. In addition, production times can be maximized and operating costs reduced by identifying improvement potential and performing plant optimization.

State-of-the-art condition monitoring with GEA PerformancePlus for centrifuges

By combining modern condition monitoring technologies with its industry expertise, GEA PerformancePlus provides customers monitoring services, comprehensive analysis reports and reliable optimization recommendations. In turn, GEA customers receive valuable information to make business decisions easier and addressing challenges they face to achieve their specific performance-related goals. GEA PerformancePlus creates transparency about the current health status of the equipment, increases its availability, ensures optimum productivity, brings efficiency optimization potential to light and enables a sustainable equipment utilization. GEA PerformancePlus enables a speedy evaluation of the opportunities and risks of changing production requirements, orders can be assessed and economically scheduled in turn leading to higher productivity for GEA customers.

GEA Advance: cloud-based, supplier-independent platform for digital service solutions

The latest addition to the lineup of GEA digital services is GEA Advance, a cloud-based platform. Created as part of a collaboration with start-up MachIQ, the portal offers customers cutting-edge services such as remote maintenance, data analysis and comprehensive e-commerce solutions. The portfolio will be rounded out with additional offerings including condition monitoring, PLC connections and video support by the end of 2020. But the GEA solution stands out from other comparable industry portals: The new digital cooperation channel is supplier-independent by design, so customers are free to integrate all their supplier interactions into the platform. GEA Advance can also be integrated with most ERP systems, enabling seamless digitization.

The portal itself has two functional modules, one for the Customer Machine Management (short: APM) and the other for the Supplier Service Portfolio Management (short: DCX). Both solutions are running on a cloud-based platform in secured, private areas. There are two fundamental advantages with this IT set-up, one the customer can connect to any number of suppliers with the same portal and the second is that the customer decides what data should be shared with each individual Supplier and which OEM services he wants to consume.

Meet the GEA experts in Hall 7/7-600 at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg (Germany) from November 12-14, 2019.

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