Alongside its focus on brewing at BrauBeviale, GEA will also address other beverage industry trends at the trade show in Nuremberg. Among them, GEA’s 360-degree solutions for producing plant-based beverages. Bean- and cereal-based convenience products, such as drinks, have gained popularity all over the globe, riding high on health- and environment-conscious dietary trends. “The vegetarian segment is a key focal area for development at GEA. Demand is high around the world and GEA’s extensive project experience and technology portfolio allow us to support customers every step of the way, through to service in ongoing operations,” says Colm O’Gorman, GEA Business Manager Plant-Based Beverages.

GEA’s separation experts have been active in this market for decades, during which time they have refined their decanter into a lean, mean machine. A GEA model will be on hand at the trade show to demonstrate the two-step decanting process, which results in 10 percent higher yields. That means more protein from soy, and more starch from rice, almonds and oats. In line with the highest hygienic standards, GEA decanters feature a very high flexibility of the operating parameters such as the differential speed, wear-resistant parts, extended lifespans and convenient service intervals. The patented hydrohermetic system seals off the process chamber from the environment and prevents oxidation. Running the centrifuge on different products is easy, no change in set up is required.

GEA’s processing technologies and capabilities to design integration process lines from raw material handling, separation via decanter, enzyme inactivation, aroma control, blending and homogenization to aseptic filling and packaging means that customers can rely on GEA to provide the full solution from raw material to final packaged product. Being able to combine technologies with engineering expertise, project management and commissioning know-how as well as ongoing support long after the process has been put into operation is a new and unparalleled addition to the market. O’Gorman adds: “We are spotlighting our strength as a process integrator that also offers all the core elements necessary for extraction technology.”

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