The demand for decanters for sludge treatment is high. GEA has now produced the 100th GEA environmental Decanter pro at its plant in Tianjin, China and delivered it to the operator of a regional wastewater treatment plant. The production facility in Tianjin was opened in 2013 and is a multi-purpose site designed to manufacture products from various GEA divisions, as well as a certified repair shop.

Tianjin - on its way to becoming a mega-metropolis

Tianjin, located in the northeast of China, is a port city about 100 kilometers away from Beijing. With roughly 15.47 million people covering an area of about 11,500 square kilometers, it is the fourth largest metropolis in China. The Chinese government plans to merge the metropolises Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei into one mega-metropolis: Jing-Jin-Ji. This means that Jing-Jin-Ji and Tianjin will also be of great strategic importance for GEA.

GEA's multi-purpose site

The GEA plant is very conveniently located near the airport and the harbor. On a total area of 32,000 square meters, including 18,000 square meters of production space, GEA focuses on products that are particularly in demand in Asian markets. In addition to separators, decanters and skids, it also produces roller mills and products for the dairy industry. The company supplies customers from a wide variety of industry sectors, including the food industry, marine and power plants to sewage treatment plants.

Alexander Krausse, GEA Head of Supply Chain and Production APAC explains: "The production in Tianjin contributes to optimizing operation and lead times and strengthening market proximity to the most important Asian and international partners. Tianjin is therefore an important building block for the future viability of our company."

GEA with important audits and certificates

As proof of GEA's quality promise, ISO certifications 9001, 14001 and 45001 have been implemented in addition to the introduction of GEA's global product and production standards. In addition, the site invests in the highest industry standards in property protection, which have been confirmed by the insurer FM Global with Highly Protected Risk (HPR) status.

GEA environmental Decanter pro - a success story, not only in China

The prototype of the GEA environmental Decanter pro was tested in a Chinese wastewater treatment plant in 2016 and then transferred to the plant by the operator. "In addition to the efficient technology, a major advantage for our customers is the complete GEA service and support offering - with authorized workshops, experienced service technicians and original spare parts," says Henni Weweler, GEA Head of Sales Steering & Support - Standardized Separation. "GEA environmental Decanter pro are optimized decanters designed for high dewatering performance in waste water treatment. The decanter line is based on GEA's expertise in the field of wastewater, with which pioneering processes and technologies for sludge treatment are continuously being developed," says Daniel Sandfort, GEA Head of Separation - Standard Decanter. The high degree of standardization and the modular, compact design of the pro line ensure simple integration into established processes with little need for adaptation.

GEA offers the environmental Decanter pro in nine machine sizes with throughput capacities from 1 m³/h to 120 m³/h - also as a skid, mobile or retrofit solution. With this machine portfolio, GEA ensures high flexibility in application and covers almost all common requirements in the treatment of municipal or industrial sewage sludge. Example China: "We have analyzed the needs and parameters of numerous Chinese wastewater treatment plants in advance and optimized GEA environmental Decanter pro to meet these requirements," explains Dong Li, Regional Head Greater China.

The development was carried out in close cooperation between GEA engineers in Germany and their colleagues from the GEA subsidiary in China. The team drew on GEA's decades of expertise as a sludge specialist in the wastewater business with decanter centrifuges as the core technology, as well as the company's 125 years of experience in centrifugal separation technology.

Efficient solutions for municipalities, industry and agriculture

For the economic operation of municipal sewage treatment plants instead of pure capital investments, process results like solids dryness, polymer consumption, biogas yield after digestion and nutrient recovery efficiency are decisive parameters. This is how a previously cost-intensive waste water management with a high energy consumption through the extraction of valuable raw materials and energy sources generates new sources of income, for example recyclable materials such as phosphorus for the fertilizer market and biogas for power generation. "GEA has developed the solutions, and we're ready. The 100th GEA environmental Decanter pro from Tianjin is certainly an important milestone – however we are only at the beginning of our journey," is Henni Weweler convinced.

The photo shows the local Supply Chain & Production team and the Product Engineering & Development team working on a pro line decanter in Tianjin, China.
The photo shows the local Supply Chain & Production team and the Product Engineering & Development team working on a pro line decanter in Tianjin, China. (Photo: GEA)
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