Refreshingly different: It’s not only GEA’s motto for the upcoming Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, but also the philosophy behind the new GEA vaculiq Vacuum Spiral Filter, which debuts at the fair November 12-14.

GEA vaculiq Vacuum Spiral Filter safeguards taste and fruit and vegetable ingredients

GEA vaculiq, which requires minimal space, efficiently juices diverse fruits and vegetables while under vacuum pressure. This method protects valuable plant nutrients and vitamins, ensuring fresh flavors and healthy ingredients are preserved from atmospheric oxygen. GEA vaculiq is ideal for juice producers as well as manufacturers of complex products like smoothies, purees, baby food and even mustard. The system consists of a moveable ready-to-use skid with 1-3 vacuum spiral filters for capacities ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 kilograms per hour. The spindle design and sieve sizes are matched to one another according to the raw material and the desired product specification, allowing a maximum yield.

Vaculiq technology receives high marks from independent research institutes

Pilot tests conducted at two research institutes confirm the excellent vacuum juicing performance of the vaculiq system. The first, Hochschule Geisenheim University (Institute for Wine Analysis and Beverage Research), has extensive experience with carrot processing and the preservation of carotenoids during the juicing phase. In their tests, the vaculiq technology demonstrated a fundamental increase in yield. Enzymatic browning in berry fruits is also mitigated with the Vacuum Spiral Filter given improved oxidation protection, as demonstrated in tests with strawberry puree. 

The Food Pilot, an application and analysis center founded by Flanders’ FOOD and the Flemish Research Institute for agriculture, fisheries and food (ILVO), also conducted several tests with the vaculiq system. The tests were part of a research project focused on processing pome fruits for use in high added value products. The aim: to develop a phytonutrient-rich food product based on by-products from the pome fruit cultivation and processing industries by using innovative and food friendly techniques. In addition to the bright colored and appealing juices obtained using the vaculiq system, the project demonstrates that this technology can deliver a functional juice that contains more phytonutrients due to gentle processing and which is very appreciated by consumers. Moreover, the apple pomace generated during juice making contains higher amounts of phenolic compounds, which means more opportunities for higher valorization.

GEA vaculiq Vacuum Spiral Filter – the perfect solution for high-viscosity and pure juices

When it comes to smoothies, customers often have problems with turbidity stability; extracted juices and strained fruit components need to be stabilized. The GEA vaculiq skid however, overcomes this challenge, producing high-viscosity products through flexible sieve inserts, which means the pulp-serum matrix remains stable. 

The GEA vaculiq Vacuum Spiral Filter is suitable for nearly all fruits and vegetables, achieving premium juice quality given the gentle separation technique which occurs in an environment without oxygen, with maximum retention of vitamins and other plant metabolites. Brau Beviale visitors are welcome to meet GEA experts at the GEA booth in Hall 7/7-600 to discuss their needs and to find out more about having their products tested with a vaculiq unit at GEA’s Process Test Center in Oelde, Germany.

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